Combozard, new game released

In game screenshot

I’ve just finished a small game Combozard. It’s follows the classical platforming style of the NES/ SNES era. Furthermore, the game is short to fit the short attention span of browser based gamers. Thus below is the link to the game: Play in browser

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Export PICO-8 sound effects

The sound effect editor in PICO-8 is a good tool for making retro style sound effects. While it fits well into the work flow of the environment that it lives in. Maybe we can take this functionality outside of the PICO-8 world.

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Using the Dvorak keyboard layout

I’ve been using Dvorak for about 18 months now and it has been a pleasant experience. I’m actually not sure if I type faster then before, but I do physically move my hands less then I did before which gives a nice feel. I find Qwerty cumbersome in the way I always seemed to have my fingers “trip” over each others. This doesn’t happen with Dvorak.

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Making Haskell useful

Haskell FFI

During the last week I’ve been trying to brush up on my Haskell. Me trying to learn Haskell has been a reoccurring event for the past years. This video was a real turn off last time.

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Private SMS torrent service

Phone screen

Last year I looked into the possibility of communication between phone and computer via SMS. SMS should be a outdated way of communicating, but it seams that a lot of people (including myself) still use it every day. It’s a very reliable way of communication.

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